Bhavali Dam,Igatpuri

Bhavali Dam , Igatpuri Nashik is good place to visit during monsoon. It is a nice place situated in bhavli village near Igatpuri. We can see beautiful waterfalls near to dam in monsoon.
A place well connected by Road .place with great natural beauty ,away from normal city life. It is not popular like other waterfall due to which there less crowd here.

From Nashik it was Just 55 KM away after Igatpuri & Highway connected only 10 KM inside. The Road Is cement Road & connected to Dam & Water Fall.

What also makes this magnificent Dam a great place for Picnic is the BHAVALI Water Fall. Its huge and you can see the Water falling in two layers during Monsoon. One must explore this natural beauty during peak Monsoon (say mid July to mid Sep).

Other very Close Nearby Places are
1)      Sarvatirth Taked
2)      Bhandardhara Dam
3)      Kalsubai Shikar
So Visit this places & enjoy the Great memorial Day of your life !!!!!

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Facts and Figures
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