Dear Guys most enjoyable place for a family holidays & vacation.
Located about 14 km north of Alibaug and easily accessible from Mumbai
Approximately 120 km from Mumbai
Mandwa Beach and Kihim Beach are situated near Alibag, the beautiful hill station in Maharashtra.For the nature lover Kihim has a lot of offer
Mandwa is a small and quaint village and is known for its calm waters, and beautiful and quiet beach. it is a beautiful serene place on the hilltop. It is beautiful in the rainy season. Any body who wants to see the beauty of the rainy season must visit this place

Worth visiting is the Kolaba Fort, just a furlong away from the shore. 15 kms. from Alibag is Chaul, an historic place where one can spot Portuguese ruins, Buddhist caves, the Hamam Khana, a church, a temple and even a temple
One can enjoy the historical monuments of the different families. There is a Neel Kantha Palace there, which is a Shiva temple in typical Mugal Structure
Kihim Beach is also a heaven for bird lovers, as it serves as retreat to a wide variety of resident and migratory birds. Kolaba Fort, situated at a small distance from the beach, is worth having a look at. Mandva Beach of Maharashtra is as magnificent in its beauty as the Kihim Beach.

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