Tirupati at a Glance

Lord Venkateswara


TTD, or the home of the Lord Tirupati, is oubtless Hindu’s most visited holy place. Situated amidst lush greenery atop a hill urrounded by red rock, the temple which attracts the devout in lakhs everyday is dedicated to /lord Tirupati, Sri Venkateswara/ one of the incarnations of Vishnu. Visitors having faith & believes that if ask any wish that will be defiantly fulfilled by Lord Tirupati, for this visitors will cross thousand of kilometre across the world to rich the Tirumala the holly place of sir Venkateswara -the Incarnation of lord Vishnu.

Tirumala is one of the only some temples to allow

non-Hindus into the sanctum sanctorum. The temple houses a heavily festooned idol of Sri Venkateswara before whom one is allowed only a few moments before the next enclosure load of visitors is to be ushered in. In that time you’ll see the marvellously lavish vimana covered in gold and finely sculpted columns. The ‘Darshan’ is followed by a round of ‘Prasad’, food that has been blessed by the deity and should be received with both hands cupped, right palm above the left one.

Tirupati receives a record number of pilgrim’s everyday,more than any other holy city in the world. These record crowds fall over bigger records like more than 10-15 lakhs during the festivals and on weekends.

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