Akshi Beach

Friends today we will see the information about Akshi Beach.

Akshi is an ever cat valium village. Just 5-6 Km away from Alibag ... Full of black cat. Generally not thronged.

You can travel by Alibag-Revdanda bus, eight sitter auto rickshaw or private vehicles to Akhshi. It takes approx.15 min. All houses in village are built in deep darkness of coconut, betel-nut trees.

Other important site will be an engraved inscription prepared by Raja Keshidevaray in the year 1012. There is another engraved inscription in the year 1012 prepared by Konkan Shiladar King Keshidevaray in Sanskrit and mix marathi language script. Also in this premises an engraved inscription prepared by Devgiri Yadav King Ramchandra in Sanskrit and mixed Marathi Language which was made in year 1291. An engraved inscription of Kashidevray is the first ever available an engraved inscription.

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