Mypad Beach

friends today we will see the Mypad Beach

Mypad Beach has unagitated landscape that never fails to impress its visitors. Lies on the coast of Bay of Bengal and entices the visitor with its sizzling sight and is the most recherché sightseeing in Andhra Pradesh. The esthetic appeal in its beauty differentiates this tranquil seashore from the other beaches, where water sports have plasticized the countryside. The beach has an aesthetic appeal which differentiates it from the other beach destinations in India

The silky sands of the beach create a mirage when golden sunrays fall on them. The blue sky, touching the cerulean waters, creates simply an incredible vista. The green leaf adds to the sheer charisma of this spectacular coastline. The mirage formed by the sun rays falling on the silky sands is a delight to watch. To add to the beauty is the captivating vista of the blue sky touching the azure waters. The view of the surroundings dotted in green makes a pleasant sight. Visitors enjoy the beauty of the place and love spending time on the beach.

The clear water and the golden sand together have made the Mypad Beach a luring site for all the beach lovers. The greenish water is also unique to this beach. The color of the water makes the view very refreshing. The golden sand here is the perfect spot for sunbaths.

The Mypad Beach of Andhra Pradesh is located at a distance of about 25 km from Nellore.

How To Get There :

The nearest airports are at Tirupati (130 km.) and Chennai (200 km.)

Mypad beach can be reached from Nellore (25 km.)

There are local buses that reach Mypad from Nellore (25 km.)

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