Salihundam Beach

Salihundam lies on the bank of the Vamsadhara River in Srikakulam District. Salihundam is 18 km from Srikakulam town. 'Salipataka' and 'Salipetaka' appear to be the early forms of the name of modern Salihundam.

This village presumed archaeological importance owing to the existence of ancient monuments on a hammock close by. It was known as “Salivatika” (meaning rice emporium). But lots of people called it "Salyapetika" (meaning box of bones or keepsakes). It is an important Buddhist site with Buddhist stupas, platforms, viharas and huge monastic complex on a hillock.

The site was first discovered by Gidugu Venkata Rama Murthy in 1919 AD. During excavations keepsakes coffins, four stupas, a Chaityagriha, structural emples and a number of sculptures reflecting the three phases of Buddhism - Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana were found dating back to about 2nd century B.C. to 12th century A.D. The statues of 'Tara' and 'Marichi' were discovered at this site and from here Buddhism spread to Sumatra and other far-eastern countries.

The Archaeological Department is taking all measures to preserve these monuments.


The nearest airport and rail junction are at Visakhapatnam, which is 116 km from Salihundam.

Rail: The nearest railhead is Srikakulam.

Road: Salihundam is also connected by road to Srikakulam.

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