GOA - Majorda Beach

The Majorda Beach is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the Beach Capital of India-Goa. The soft white sands will not fail to sweep you off your feet. The beautiful greens are clubbed well with the marvelous whites!

It is believed as per the Ramayana in Goa that when Lord Rama was a child he was kidnapped and brought to Majorda! Later, again in life while in quest of His consort Sita He came to the Cabo-de-Rama, which lies at the southern end of the Majorda beach.
Goa Majorda beach is very famous for delicious breads. Majorda beach in Goa has a very interesting history behind it. Majorda is the village where the Jesuits, fond as they were of the good things of life, discovered the best Goan toddy which they used to leaven the bread. Naturally, then, Majorda in Goa is the place where the Goans were first trained in the delicate art of baking European breads.
The history of Majorda is noteworthy for its bakery and toddy. The sap of the coconut palm i.e. toddy was used to raise the bread.

Today the Majorda beach has become a major tourist attraction with the merger of nature and surroundings.

Majorda is the appreciate of fun and food. You name it and Majorda has it from fresh seafood to the Schinus specialties and steaks.

In terms of accommodation there is a wide variety of luxury hotels and budget shelters.
The marvelous Majorda beach is well connected with the rest of the places.

The Dabolim airport provides the connectivity through air. It is one of the marvelous beaches in Goa that is located about 18 kilometers from Dabolim Airport.

For rail transport there is the Margao Railway Station.
Then there are the bus services, motorcycles and the taxis.


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