Jay Somanath! Jay Somanth !!

Somnath at Somnath Patan, near Veraval in Gujarat is a pilgrimage center held in great reverence throughout India. Somnath is considered to be the first of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva. Somnath is situated on the south coast of Saurashtra
The waves hitting the steps of the mandirghat seem to join the happy chanting. They seem to say ‘Jay shankar, jay shankar’ this low baritone sound together with the ringing of the golden bells seems to merge into a sweat sound of “One mamah sivaya,on namah Sivaya”. The entire place acquires a holy and pious atmosphere.

The huge golden bell of the temple was supposed to weight around two hundred “Mans” and the fifty six pillars studded with gem stones like Diamonds, rubies, cats eyes etc supported it.

For worship of the lord and Abhishek sandalwood scented water was brought from haridwar, Prayag Kashi every day. The religious place of worship was earning the produce of ten thousand villages. Among the twelve jyotirlingas Somnath is considerd as primary one. Because this deity is supposed to Swanyambhu (Self Born) and is always awake. Lakhs of devotees visited this temple and considerd themselves blessed and to have achieved Piety.

Chandra Moon God was the first one to receive the benific boon of shri somanath of saurashtra,the shiv pilgrimage , Agni teerth and surya teerth. Then Chandra built a beautiful golden temple and put a glorious Jyotirlinga in it, the first of its kind in India.

Legend goes that the moon was married to the 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati. He was partial to Rohini, his favorite and neglected the others. An angered Daksha cursed him to wane into nothingness. A disturbed Chandra, came down to Prabhasa with Rohini and worshipped the Sparsa Linga of Somnath after which he was blessed by Shiva to grow and shine in the bright half. As the moon regained his light here, this town came to be known as Prabhasa. Bhrama, one of the trinity, installed the Bhramasila, and paved way for the construction of the temple.
Entrance to the town of Somnath is through the Junagadh Gate (through which Mahmud entered the town). There are also the remains of an ancient Sun temple at Somnath. To the east of the town is the Bhalka Theertha connected with the legend of Krishna's Swargaarohanam.

The inner temple of the Garbhashay was supported to be aglow with the luster of these gemstones. The Nanda Deep was always kept lighted with Kannauji attar. The treasure of the temple was forever full of vast wealth and was kept safe.
This primary Jyotirlinga located in India, is the cynosure of all Indian pilgrims. It is always crowded with Lacks of devotees. A large number of sadhus and pious men came to met there. With the offering of devotes, the somnath temple grandeur is revived. In the month of Magha (Some time in February) on the day of shivratri, Somanath Jyotirlingas Festival is celebrated with great aplomb.

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