Jaya Vaidyanath ! Jaya Vaidyanath ! Jaya Vaidyanath !

Distance:Ambajogaai :35 Kms,Parbhani:61 Km,Beed:100Km,Nanded:120 Km,Aurangabad:230 Km,Mumbai:502 Km, Pune: 300 Km

Parali village is located on the slopes of Meru or Naganarayana Mountain. Parali is an ancient village located near three rivers, Brahma, Venu and Saraswati. because of the location of one of the twelve JyotirLingas of Shankara, it has become famous.

This village is also known as Kantipur, Madhyarekha Vaijayanti or Jayanti. This place is suppossed to be the abode of Lord Shankar and his consort Parvati. Parari is the only place where Lord Shankara is seen together with his consort. Nowhere else can this be found in this manner. Therefore this place is also known as "Anokhi Kashi". Because of its equal status with Kashi, those who visit this place are supposed to have, visited Kashi.

It is 26 kilometers from Ambejogai in the Beed district. Yogeshwan of Ambejogai was married to Lord Vaidyanatha of Parali. But by the time the marriage party reached, the auspicious time of the wedding had passed. As a result the people of the marriage party turned into stone statues. Yogeshwar was waiting away from Parali.This is one story that is frequently heard there.

Plenty of water, pure air, and a good means of transportation have made Parali into a thriving commercial center. A big Thermal Power station is also located here.
In spite of being a small village, Parali has been accorded the status of a Tensil and a district. The surrounding areas of the village stand witness to its classic mythological events.This makes the village even more important.

The mountains and jungles and the rivers, are full of useful medicinal herbs. That is why Parali JyotirLinga is also known as Vaidyanatha.

It is here that Lord Vishnu successfully helped the Devas to obtain Amrit. Therefore, this place is also known as "Vaijayanti" Once the Demon King Ravana went to Kailasa mountain and did a severe penance to please Lord Shankara. Put up with cold, heat, rains and fine and even then when Shiva did not appear before him, he began to cut his head off in order to offer it to the ShivaLinga.Then Shiva relented after Ravana tried to offer his tenth head. On appeared before him. He restored all of Ravana's heads and granted him boons. Ravana expressed his desire to take Shiva to Lanka as a boon. He said, "I want to take you to Lanka. Shankara, who is very soft hearted to His devotees, got carried away and agreed to accompany Ravana to Lanka. He told Ravanan, You must carry my Linga with care and devotion, but do be careful not to put it down on the earth until you reach your destination, or else, it will stay at whichever place you put it down" Shiva cautioned.

Ravana began the journey homeward carrying the Shivaling. On the way, he wanted to relieve himself by urination. He bid a cowherd boy to hold the Linga While the relieved himself. The cowherd was not able to hear the weight of the Linga and when he could no longer hold it, he put it down on the earth. And the Shiva Linga stayed put there as Lord Shiva already ordained and came to be known as Vaidyanatheshwar.

Here, the gods were sad about Ravana taking away Shiva to his Lanka. They requested saint Narada to do something. Narada met Ravana and said to him by way of praising his penance and Tapas, You made a mistake in trusting Shiva. Believing Shiva's word was wrong. Go to him and slander him and get your way. Go to Kailasa and move it entirely. Your success will be gauged by your at of moving Kailasa from there." Ravana was tricked Into believing Narada.Ravana promptly carried out Narada's bidding. This angered

Near Parali Village, the Temple is built with stones on a high mound. The temple is surrounded on all four sides by strong walls. The insides have corridors and a courtyard. Outside the temple there is huge Deep Stambh or pillar. The main gate or the Mahadwar has a Minaret nearby. It is called a Prachi or Gawaksha. i.e., window. With the help of the location of these special prayers are held for Sun God, based on the sunrays failing through these windows, directly on t6 ...e Lingamurthy. There is a strong, wide staircase to enter theTemple. It is called 'Ghat'. The old Ghat was built in the year 1108. The inner portal of the temple and the court hall are both of the same size. Therefore, the deity's Darshan has to be done from the courtroom itself. No other place has this type of arrangement. At other places, the inner portal or the Garbhagriha is visually deep.

The Lingamurty at Vaidyanath is made of Shaligram stone. It is beautiful and very smooth and is in a benevolent attitude. On all the four
sides of the temple, Nanda Deeps (lights) keep burning.

Vaidyanath temple was renovated in the year 1706 AD, by Shiva devotee Ahalyadevi Holkar. She obtained some special stones from the nearby mountain range of Trishula Devi range. which is close to Parali. This place wasAhalyadevi's favourite.

Just as Parali is a place of pilgrimage for Shiva devotees, it is also a meeting point for Hari Hare. In this mixed holy place, Lord Krishna's festivals too are celebrated along with Lord Shankara's festivals, with great festivity. The water from the Harihar Teerth is brought for the daily worship of Vaidyanath. Every Monday devotees gather here in great numbers.

On Chaitra Padva. Vijayadashani, Tripuri Pournima, Mahe Shivaratri and Vaikunth Chaturdashi. big celebrations take place. During these celebrations, there is no distinction between Bet and Tulsi. Mahadev is offered

Great Saints like Vakrebua, Dhundiraj, Yamaraj, Vishweswar, Guru Lingaswamy lived here. Their holy touch has made Parali even holier. It is a
place of pride for Maharashtra.

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