Yachting Partners International

Dear Friends are you looking for luxury yachting services for joy and enjoyment then good news for you.Here I Suggest you Yachting Partners International, parent company of the YPI Group, is one of the world’s leading full–service yacht brokerage houses and specialist yacht companies, providing comprehensive support and guidance to those engaged in the commissioning of yachts. The crew of luxury yacht charter includes at least one chef, and sometimes a team of chefs, whose job is not just to produce exquisite meals, but to produce those meals in keeping with the specific tastes and preferences of the charter client. YPI Group specialises in crewed motor yacht charter and crewed yacht charter in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. They are offering wonderful services of meals .The yacht charter chef uses this information to provision the yacht and plan each day’s menus in accordance with the client’s preferences. If chocolate has been requested in every evening’s desserts, then the chef will outline a week’s menu of ganache, mousse and souffl├ęs. If the guests have indicated a preference for healthier fare, then the chef will focus on a menu that includes salads, vegetables, fresh fruits and home-made sorbets. So guys if you are looking a great enjoy with your family members or vacations go and visit this site for more details.


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