Luxury Helicopter Services

Dear Guys if we wish to put rhythm in your life and enjoy in the sky with no limit then are the solution for you. Helicopter Saint Tropez specializes in luxury helicopter charter transporting passengers in style around the French Riviera and Monaco. If you are on a luxury yacht charters then they are able to provide the services to pick you up on-board. As they focus on the Cote D’Azur in summer and Courchevel and Geneva helicopter transfers in winter. In summer our routes include St Tropez, Monaco, Cannes, and Nice.

Hélisécurité have luxury helicopters in Cannes available for helicopter charter from and to Cannes Airport or twon centre, just up from the Croisette. Our luxury Cannes helicopter can transfer you in style to wherever you might be going.

With an impressive fleet of luxury helicopters Hélisécurité run a specialist Monaco helicopter service specializing in transferring persons from Monaco to Cannes, Nice, and St Tropez plus mountain airports and mountain resorts. Our heli pilots who have extensive training in mountain rescue navigate our fleet around the Riviera and Monaco air space include MonoTurbine Ecureuils AS 350s taking up to 6 guests.

Helisecurite services operate in the Mediterranean during the summer and in Alps during winter. Helisecurite has become the leader in this field having ten yeas of experience with features film and photography shoots from a helicopter. So Friends if you feel the great adventure like this go and visit this site for more details


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